The Hungry Bear originally opened as a Steer n’ Stein on February 1, 1968. After changing owners in 1973 and with a new partner in 1985, Steer n’ Stein began its transformation into The Hungry Bear Restaurant. Trading its hardwood floors and rustic decor for flowered upholstery, The Hungry Bear became a cozy family restaurant flaunting bears of all shapes and sizes in every nook and cranny.

Now, over 30 years later, The Hungry Bear Restaurant holds its test against time and continues to provide the same great tasting menu that has serviced the Fullerton area for over 50 years. In November 2015, The Hungry Bear opened its second location in Hemet, CA.

With decades of love and support from our loyal customers, it’s no wonder The Hungry Bear remains a family tradition.

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